ANKARA: Turkish ambassadors discuss all angles

Gözlem Gazetesi, Turkey
July 27 2008

Turkish ambassadors discuss all angles

Turkish ambassadors who represent Turkey world wide recently gathered
in Ankara to discuss the short and long term diplomatic strategies,
which aim to seek peace on all fronts, namely with Turkey’s neighbors.

Issues concerning Turkey’s foreign relations and diplomatic efforts
were discussed between the ambassadors through out the four-day
brainstorming period. Among the topics were talks with Armenia,
reunification efforts in Cyprus, mediation between Turkey and Iraqi
Kurdish leaders, and Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

The diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia were among the
signficant topics through out the 4-day meeting. The discussions on
the matter was geared towards Washington’s efforts to convince Turkey
to open its border to its neighbor Armenia in order to resume
diplomatic ties. U.S. officials have been pressuring the Turkish
President Abdullah Gül to visit Yerevan in September to watch
the football game between the countries’ national teams.

Talks between Turkey and the Iraqi Kurdish regional government was
another topic in Ankara’s to do list. The Turkish Prime Minister Recep
Tayyip ErdoÄ?an’s visit to Baghdad and his warm messages to the
Iraqi Kurdish regional government has been considered as a step
towards solving problems between Turkey and Northern Iraq. However,
the problems emerging due to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party
(PKK), continue.

The Cyprus, issue continues
Another major issue, which was in the agenda during the four day talks
was the Cyprus dispute. For almost four decades, Turkish diplomacy has
been working to come to an agreement with the Southern part through
endless unification talks. The Turkish government and diplomats today
continue their efforts to find a solution between the two parts.

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