System Of A Down’s Malakian + Dolmayan Release ‘Scars On Broadway’

23rd July 08

System Of A Down’s Malakian + Dolmayan Release ‘Scars On Broadway’

Scars On Broadway, the highly anticipated new band of Daron Malakian
and John Dolmayan, the guitarist/singer and drummer of System Of A
Down, will release their self titled debut album on July 26 in limited
and standard versions. Daron Malakian, who also produced the album,
worked in the studio with band mate Dolomayan completing over 20
tracks of which 15 were finally selected for the album.

Actually, many of the songs that ‘Scars On Broadway’ used in their
debut album are a bit older, according to Malakian:

"I normally set my songs to the side for a while and let the ideas
ripen. It makes it easier for me to decide which pieces are the
best. "The guitarist/singer wrote most of the songs using a keyboard
and drum machine. Because of this, the sound of Scars On Broadway
doesn’t simply classify itself as Metal, but expresses itself through
various rock- elements and influences, a nod to Malakian’s heroes:
Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Neil Young.

The first Single "They Say" is already available as an e-release and
can be heard at _www.ScarsOnBroadway.com_
(http://www.scarsonbroad .

The track is a club anthem, heavy and pressing, more like the style of
traditional punk during the 1970’s.

Scars On Broadway has played a handful of shows in the past weeks such
as the Coachella Festival where the L.A. Times described them as "one
of the hottest highlights at the Festival."

Furthermore, Malakian and Dolmayan played at a benefit concert with
Metallica in which SPIN magazine stated "the little break that System
of ADown took in no way stole any of the unbelievable energy that the
individual band members exhibit."

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