Serzh Sargsyan received Luis Maria de Puig, President of PACE

Republic of Armenia, President’s News Server
July 26 2008

Today President Serzh Sargsyan received Luis Maria de Puig, President
of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

The two sides discussed the process of implementation of the
recommendations contained in Resolutions 1609 and 1620.

Noting that the authorities scrupulously studied the two Resolutions,
President Sargsyan reiterated determination of Armenia to fully
implement them. At the same time he said that the provisions of the
Resolutions are present in his pre-election program, as well as in the
Memorandum signed by the political coalition. `It means that we are
taking those steps not because we are compelled to but because we are
determined to,’ stressed the President of Armenia. He added that `I am
confident that for Armenia there is no way other than democracy, and
we will follow that way steadily.’

The President of PACE positively assessed his visit to Armenia and
said that his objective was to encourage and assist in the rapid
implementation of the provisions of the Resolutions. He said that some
progress in that direction was already noticeable which is

Mr. Luis Maria de Puig spoke with the President of Armenia about the
impartial investigation of the events of March 1-2. He concurred with
the proposal of the CE Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas
Hammarberg to establish a fact-finding mission.

The next issue raised by the President of PACE concerned the currently
detained individuals. He noted that it doesn’t concern the individuals
who committed crimes or acts of violence. President Sargsyan rejected
the notion that anyone can be convicted without solid facts and

The President of PACE expressed conviction that Armenia would be able
to speedily overcome difficulties and build a strong democratic
system. He added that the authorities as well as the opposition have
responsibilities and are accountable for the future. Mr. Luis Maria de
Puig said that the Council of Europe respects the choice of the
Armenian people and suggests the opposition to respect it too and
recognize the results of the elections as it is stipulated in
Resolution 1609.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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