RPA characterizes Opp proposal to judge RA Kocharian in Hague absurd

MP FROM RPA characterizes opposition’s proposal to judge RA
ex-president in Hague as absurd

2008-07-25 14:43:00

ArmInfo. MP from the Republican party of Armenia characterized the
opposition’s proposal to judge RA ex-President Robert Kocharyan in
Hague as absurd, members of RPA parliamentary faction Armen Ashotyan
told journalists today.

, he said. The MP added that Armenia has actually signed the
afore-indicated document, however, it has not been yet ratified by the
republic’s parliament.

‘On the other hand, this proposal is ideal from the viewpoint of
harming the republic, as Azerbaijan will not fail to make use of it,
and the opposition well understands it’, he said. The MP thinks that
official Baku has been trying to draw parallels among the ethnic
cleansings in Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh conflict long ago.

On July 14, representative of the All-National Movement Center
supporting RA ex- President Levon Ter-Petrosyan, David Shahnazaryan
said that the Armenian opposition gathers signatures to file a claim to
Hague tribunal against the second President of Armenia Robert
Kocharyan. This step of the opposition was caused by the recent
interview of R. Kocharyan saying, as the opposition thinks, that he
personally made a decision on the law machinery actions during March 1