President: Fulfillment of PACE suggestions from moral certainty

Serzh Sarkisyan: Fulfillment of PACE suggestions by Armenia is stemming
not from compulsion but moral certainty

2008-07-24 18:45:00

ArmInfo. Fulfillment of PACE suggestions in Resolutions No 1609 and
1620 by Armenia is stemming not from compulsion but moral certainty,
Armenian President Serzh Sarkisyan said over the meeting with PACE
President Lluis Maria de Puig.

They touched on the course of making changes offered in the above
mentioned PACE Resolutions. Serzh Sarkisyan said Armenia is resolute in
making these changes. He recalled, that these points were reflected in
the electoral programme of the Armenian president and in the memorandum
of the political coalition. , – Armenian president said.

PACE president said the purpose of his visit is to help enforce all
PACE suggestions as soon as possible. He also added there is already
certain progress in this direction and this maybe welcomed. In this
context he said that Armenian authorities as well as the opposition are
responsible for the future of the country. He called the opposition to
recognize the election results.