PACE Chair: Quick Disclosure of Guilty for March 1 In ROA Interests



YEREVAN, JULY 25, NOYAN TAPAN. PACE Chairman Luis Maria de Puig, who
was in Armenia on a visit, had meetings with country’s leadership, as
well as members of the NA delegation in PACE.

David Haroutiunian, the head of the NA delegation in PACE, assured him
that Armenia is working in the direction of fulfilment of the two PACE

Armen Rustamian, a member of the NA delegation in PACE, attached
importance to complete disclosure of the circumstances of the 10
victims’ death and estimation to policemen’s activity.

Another member of the NA delegation, Avet Adonts, touched upon the
resolution adopted at the last PACE session, which, as he estimated it,
forms a reservation for developing democratic processes in these or
those countries (he meant Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia), and which
mentions that it is difficult to expect democratic developments in
these countries until the problems of territorial integrity are solved.
While, according to the deputy, Armenia being in a blockade since 1991
does not put forward any precondition for carrying out its democratic
processes. A. Adonts considers that it is a manifestation of dual
standards by PACE.

D. Haroutiunian also expressed bewilderment that only the issue of
territorial integrity is discussed, while the OSCE Minsk Group
Co-chairs mentioned exactly that they look for solutions on the plane
of two basic principles, the principle of territorial integrity and
nations’ self-determination right. He expressed a surprise that the
press release on Puig’s visit to Baku placed on the Council of Europe
official website has the formulation: "A solution to the Nagorno
Karabakh problem need to be found urgently, on the basis of the
principle of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, by using exclusively
peaceful means," which endangers the negotiations process.

In connection with the arrested people Puig stated that the Council of
Europe will not permit people in any of its country-members to be in
prisons for a long time without being sentenced: if someone has used
violence, he should be sentenced, but keeping people in prison on the
basis of suspects questions country’s reliability.

Touching upon his visit to Azerbaijan, PACE Chairman said that he is
responsible for his formulations but not for those ascribed to him in
media, reading them he understood that they do not correspond to
reality. As PACE Chairman classed, Azeri media spread only the
conversation’s part pleasing them. Puig said that PACE accepts the
principle of states’ territorial integrity and recognizes nations’
right of self-determination.

Luis Maria de Puig also had meetings with NA factions.

Zharangutiun (Heritage) faction’s members expressed discontent with the
adoption of PACE Resolution N 1620 and with giving time to the RA
authorities until January. As faction Secretary Styopa Safarian
evaluated it, with that step PACE protected the one-sided actions of
the authorities.

Anahit Bakhshian touched upon freedom of expression, in particular,
returning on air the A1+ and Noyan Tapan TV channels.

RPA faction representative Armen Ashotian, touching upon those arrested
on the fact of the March 1 events and the process of their trials, said
that they also have some concerns with some cases of judicial-legal
process. At the same time A. Ashotian expressed bewilderment about
Council of Europe’s dual standards: Council of Europe in its decision
considers Nagorno Karabakh problem’s being unsolved as one of the
obstacles in the way of Azerbaijan’s democratization, which has nothing
in common with reality.

Luis Maria de Puig also met with members of the NA Ad Hoc Commission on
Study of the March 1-2 events in Yerevan and their causes. Commission
Chairman Samvel Nikoyan, attaching importance to local and
international experts’ participation in commission’s work, regretted to
say that the opposition has refused to take part in it.

PACE Chairman Luis Maria de Puig said that the solution of that problem
is very important for the Council of Europe member-countries. In his
opinion, quick disclosure of those guilty for the March events is in
Armenia’s interests.

Positively estimating his impressions from Armenia during his meeting
with RA President Serzh Sargsyan, PACE Chairman said that he had a goal
to encourage and assist fulfilment of proposals of Council of Europe
resolutions as quickly as possible. He said that there is certain
progress in that direction, which is praiseworthy.

L. M. de Puig gave consent to the proposal of Thomas Hammarberg, the
Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, to create a
fact-finding group. PACE Chairman expressed confidence that Armenia
will be able to quickly overcome the difficulties and to build
full-value democracy.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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