Effective summer or …

From: Sebouh Z Tashjian <[email protected]>
Subject: Effective summer or …


14:34 26/07/2008


It is a hot summer and everybody tries to escape it leaving the
capital city to cooler places. What to do, if there is no possibility
to¦? A part of youth keeps living as they are used to and they just
`keel’ their days waiting for the beginning of the educational
year. Another part keeps working, though it very hard to work in such
hot summer time.

Having a job and keeping working is so important for Aliosha that his
education has to wait for him to work. Aliosha was born in Gyumri but
it is already four years he lives in Yerevan. He studies in Pedagogic
University of Yerevan. This year Aliosha would have already graduated
if he did not have to work.

`I am not concerned as I can help my parents. It is the second year I
am working as a waiter in a café. Next year I’ll graduate my
studies and if I find a job correspondent to my specialty, I’ll be
very happy. I am not ashamed of working as a waiter as my bosses
support me when I need it,’ said Aliosha.

In a discussion with other waiters working in cafes nearby Opera
building, it was found that that some work not to have spoiled summer.

Source: Panorama.am