BAKU: Armenian MP: Azerbaijan tries to prove parallels of violence

Today.Az, Azerbaijan
July 26 2008

Armenian parliamentarian: "Azerbaijan tries to prove that there are
parallels of violence between the Balkans and Nagorno Karabakh"

26 July 2008 [10:46] – Today.Az

"Armenia signed the Roman statute, but did not ratify it, which means
that it is not the territory, falling within the scope of the Hague
tribunal", said member of the Armenian Republican party, Armenian
parliamentary Armen Ashotyan on July 25.

"I share the opinion of the politicians, who consider that collection
of signatures for bringing Robert Kocharyan to Hague tribunal is a
nonsense", said Ashotyan. He noted that legally the collection of
signatures can be called absurd as the international Hague tribune
can only consider cases of the countries, which have ratified the
Roman statute.

"Armenia signed the statute, but not ratified it, which means that it
is not the territory falling within the scope of the Hague tribunal",
said Ahotyan, noting that opposition leaders should have known
it. Ashotyan added that there is a low possibility to initiate any
criminal case through the mediation of the UN Security Council, which
makes the activity of the opposition even more absurd.

Ashotyan called the said initiative of the opposition absurd from the
political point of view. "Azerbaijan tries to mislead the world
society and show that that there are parallels between the Balkans and
Nagorno Karabakh in the sense of violence and crimes against
humanity", said Ashotyan adding that this issue has already been
reflected in the Azerbaijani press and the Azerbaijani officials will
make use of this opportunity.

"The statements of the opposition, which say that velvet revolution
will occur in Armenia on August 1 can not be taken seriously", said
Ashotyan adding that the peak of opposition’s energy has passed and
opposition makes statements only for propaganda".