Armenian opposition movement to be "more active and resolute"

Interfax News Agency, Russia
July 25 2008

Armenian opposition movement to be "more active and resolute"


Supporters of former Armenian president Levon Ter-Petrosian, who lost
February’s presidential election and has accused the government of
rigging the poll, will be "more active and resolute" from August 1
onward, Ter-Petrosian’s spokesman said on Friday.

"Being active applies to internal organization and assessments of the
current government," Arman Musinian told a news conference.

"The opposition rally on August 1 will show both the Armenian
government and the international community that the people of the
republic are resolute and consistent in fighting for their rights and
have no intention to cede them," Musinian said.

Ter-Petrosian’s supporters plan to step up pressure on the government
and "force it into a political solution to the problem, namely an
early presidential election," he said.

The Yerevan mayor’s office has refused permission to use the Armenian
capital’s central part as the site for the planned rally and suggested
that the meeting be held on the outskirts of the city.