US Building Jail To Hold Journalists


AZG Armenian Daily


The US is setting up a jail in its main military base in Afghanistan
to hold the detained journalists, a human rights lawyer says.

Barbara J. Olshansky accused the army Sunday of establishing ‘legal
black holes’ for holding journalists and hindering them from covering
what is ‘really’ going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Many people in Afghanistan and in Iraq that have been targeted for
detention are local journalists covering the conflict in their own
country," said the prominent US human rights lawyer, AFP reported.

Olshansky said she was concerned a new prison being planned for the
US Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan would resemble the Guantanamo Bay
Prison in Cuba set up for keeping suspects in the US ‘war on terror’.

"When the United States detains reporters, photographers, camera
operators and holds them for long period without charge for any
offence and without trials and without any evidence, we know that
part of the goal is to just shut people up," she said.

There are many in the US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan who are held
without a trial.

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