Stances Not Changed


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 24, 2008

Today some people speculate the rumors that Serge Sargsyan has
"pliable approach" towards Armenian-Turkish relations.

Armen Rustamyan says similar "conclusions" are baseless and inapt. When
the country’s leader announces that he supports the idea of creating a
committee of Turkish historians, in case Turkey normalizes relations
with Armenia, opens the borders. And if for example the President
invites Abdullah Giul to Yerevan to watch the football match together,
this doesn’t mean that Serge Sarsgyan has changed his stance regarding
this issue.

According to the representative of the Supreme Body, as for the
ex-President, for Serge Sargsyan as well the recognition of the
Genocide is a priority in Armenia’s Foreign policy agenda.