Program Of Reforms In Armenian Army Continues



JU LY 24

The program of army reforms is in the focus of attention of the RA
Defence Ministry. Proper legislative amendments are prepared according
to that program. RA Defence Minister Seyran Ohanian said on July 23,
on the occasion of 100 days of his taking his post. According to him,
100 days are not enough to solve big problems, but it is not his first
100 days, and he continues fulfilling the tasks set before Armenia’s
Armed Forces in 2008. The program of army reforms is envisaged to
be finished in 2015. As for the law On Defence, that bill has been
already approved by the government and has been sent to the National
Assembly, where it will be discussed during the autumn session.

S. Ohanian said that two big command-headquarters exercises were held
in the above mentioned period, the Rubezh-2008 joint exercises in one
of Armenian army’s contingents and within the framework of CSTO. A
special attention was paid to perfection of contract sergeant service,
provision of army with ammunition and military equipment and their
modernization. Work has been done to strengthen fighting positions,
to ensure security at the contact-line.

According to the Minister, along with success, there have also been
some omissions during the 100 days, and society is aware of part of
them. S.

Ohanian informed those present that an official investigation is
carried out in the Ministry on serviceman Gor Manasarian’s murder. The
Minister said that the latter of his own free will had left the
positions during military duty, and information about his death was
received from the website of Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry. As regards
the four citizens entering the territory of Azerbaijan, the Minister
had no new information about their fate.