Profs. Chilingar and Khilyuk warn Leaders about Global Warming

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Appeal to World Leaders:

For the past seven years, the undersigned have been working diligently
to understand whether the widespread claims of global warming are
valid or not. In that pursuit, we have published nine articles and a
book entitled `Global Warming and Global Cooling: Evolution of Climate
on Earth’ (2007) by Sorokhtin, O. G., Chilingar, G. V., and Khilyuk,
L. F.; Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Fighting the so-called `global warming phenomenon’ is a part of your
political agenda. It will be a disastrous move, which will ruin our
economy. As scientists who base their conclusions on the available
data, we are deeply concerned that a large group of misinformed
politicians together with the vocal `environmentalists’ is positioned
to waste trillions of taxpayers’ money under pretext of fighting the
global atmospheric warming by carbon dioxide sequestration.

There is no evidence that the rising content of CO2 causes the
atmospheric warming. As a matter of fact, our thorough scientific
investigation based on verified physical model (the `adiabatic model’
of the heat transfer in atmosphere presented in our book) shows that
the increase in CO2 content leads to atmospheric cooling rather than

Thus, the global atmospheric warming as a result of anthropogenic CO2
release into the atmosphere is a myth and the responsible politicians
and decision makers should treat it as such. Signing Kyoto Protocol or
any similar document will result in unprecedented depression in USA,
while not affecting the global atmospheric temperature. The
approaching (another) ice age cannot be prevented.

Professor George V. Chilingar
Emeritus Professor of Petroleum and Environmental Engineering,
University of Southern California (for the past 55 years)

Professor Leonid F. Khilyuk
Science Secretary of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
(US Branch)