Arkady Ghoukassian: Artsakh Should Restore Its Positions In Karabakh



On July 23 Nagorno-Karabakh Republic MFA celebrated its 15th
anniversary. On this occasion a meeting was held at the NKR
government’s hall with the participation of NKR first FM, NKR second
President Arkady Ghoukassian, heads and representatives of NKR power’s
executive and legislative branches and NKR’s representatives in
foreign countries. A delegation of RA MFA headed by RA Deputy FM Arman
Kirakosian also arrived in Stepanakert to participate in the measure.

NKR President Bako Sahakian congratulated NKR MFA staff. Bako
Sahakian’s congratulatory message ran, in part, " Foreign
policy has been and remains one of priority directions of our
Republic. Nagorno-Karabakh’s recognition by the international
community, protection of the people’s interests at the international
instances, conflict’s settlement exclusively in a peaceful way –
these are the issues NKR authorities and people face, so they should
be resolved without delay.

To efficiently solve the above-mentioned tasks one should join
the whole nation’s efforts, deepen cooperation with RA MFA, bring
relations with Diaspora still closer, and pay special attention to
the establishment of economic relations. A special place has been
spared both for NKR MFA and our representatives in foreign countries,
whose activity should be extraordinarily active and purposeful".

Then NKR FM Georgy Petrossian addressed those present. In his speech
he mentioned the way MFA had passed, achievements and tasks it faced
at the moment. As a strategic super task he mentioned Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic’s recognition.

NKR National Assembly Chair Ashot Gulian, RA Deputy FM Arman
Kirakosian, NKR PM Ara Harutyunian delivered a welcome speech. Ara
Harutyunian presented NKR first FM, NKR second President Arkady
Ghoukassian with an award for his great contribution to the case of
NKR MFA’s formation.

The day is momentous for NKR first FM. We asked Arkady Ghoukassian from
which the structure’s establishment had started. "We started from zero,
since we did not have professional diplomats, appropriate experience
and a right to make a mistake. A lot of people distrusted efficiency
of the Ministry’s activity, in part, in the issue of concentration
of international community’s attention to Artsakh.

However, we made the international community to take into consideration
Artsakh", the NKR first FM stated.

Arkady Ghoukassian is optimistic about further development of
situation around Karabakh conflict settlement. "I am convinced that
in the course of time we’ll manage to sit at the negotiating table
and much more efficiently uphold Artsakh’s interests".

"MFA initiated traditions of Artsakh diplom acy with its peculiarities
and subtleties", Arkady Ghoukassian noted. "We should restore our
positions in the negotiation process", Arkady Ghoukassian underscored.

According to ex President of NKR, conciliation in Karabakh conflict
is possible only on the basis of historical justice.

Congratulating NKR MFA staff on the holiday, Arkady Ghoukassian
wished Karabakh diplomacy wisdom and patience, since "issues are
not resolved quickly in diplomacy". "We should be able to realize
that it’s a long way, and we can face big difficulties on the way. We
should be ready to overcome them", NKR first FM, NKR second President
Arkady Ghoukassian added.
From: Baghdasarian