Nagorno Karabakh De-Facto Established Itself, As Many Foreign Countr


23.07.2008 16:29 GMT+04:00

Currently, more and more international organizations interested in the
conflict settlement have come to the conclusion that it is necessary
to search for ways of the conflict resolution in the political and
legal plane, NKR Foreign Minister Georgy Petrossian said in a statement
issued on occasion of 15th anniversary of the NKR MFA.

"The Nagorno Karabakh Republic pursues its own foreign policy, enters
into relations with other countries and international organizations,
sends its envoys for participation in international and regional
conferences. The Nagorno Karabakh state has de-facto established itself
and today many officials from other countries, politicians, experts,
international organizations acknowledge this fact. In September
2005, sixty United States congressmen sent a message to President
George Bush, which said: "The Nagorno Karabakh Republic fully meets
the international criteria of statehood. For the 14 years of its
independence Nagorno Karabakh has proved that it can be a reliable
partner for the international community".

The NKR has its Permanent Representations in key countries and regions,
through whcih the connection of our republic with the countries of
the world is provided. In addition to the implementation of political
functions, the Representations facilitate the attraction of investments
in the NKR economy, relations with the Armenian Diaspora, realization
of humanitarian programs in the NKR. The consular services defend
the NKR citizens’ interests abroad.

The MFA central staff and the republic’s Permanent Representations in
foreign countries continue the efforts of presenting the real image
of Nagorno Karabakh, where democratic values and human rights are
the cornerstones on the way of the NKR’s establishment as a country,
enjoying full rights. In this respect, the work done by the Foreign
Ministry at the parliamentary, presidential and local elections, in
particular, ensuring the presence of international observers deserves
attention. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is directly
involved in the process of creating a democratic, legislative field
in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

The years of independence have been marked with the active involvement
of the civil society in the country’s life. We are encouraged by
the development of the NGO sector. The reports on Nagorno Karabakh
by different international organizations on human rights, as well as
the reports by international observers are evidence of the positive
results of the activity in this sector.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rendered assistance to more than
10 international organizations accredited in the NKR. Currently,
the NKR MFA cooperates with organizations such as the OSCE, ICRC,
The HALO Trust, etc.

Today we live one of the most responsible and critical periods of the
centuries-old history of our people. The Nagorno Karabakh diplomacy
must fully meet the imperatives and challenges of the time. The Nagorno
Karabakh conflict must be settled by means of peaceful negotiations
on the basis of such principles which would ensure the inviolability
of the Nagorno Karabakh people’s right to self-determination and
security. This is our nation’s will and the position of the NKR
authorities," the statement says.