L. Zurabian: "City Hall Has Made An Illegal Bargain"


23 July, 2008

During a July 21 press conference Serzh Sarkissian made two
important discoveries. He said unwilling to start a dialogue with
the opposition. Besides, he is not going to meet the public demand
to set the political prisoners, says member of the Centre for Popular
Movement Levon Zurabian.

Zurabian sees regress in Armenian mass media. TV channels have again
been instructed not to televise the opposition. Their news resembles
Brezhnev’s propaganda. On the other hand, nothing has been done to
reopen A1+.

The government obviously neglects the PACE resolutions and tries to
delude the Council of Europe imitating to meet the PACE demands.

The government continues not to authorize opposition rallies. They have
stopped releasing political prisoners since the PACE summer session.

The government has no genuine wish to carry out a democratic reform in
the country. In the given situation all people can do is to rise to
protect their rights. The Center for the Popular Movement appeals to
RoA citizens to take part in an opposition rally due on August 1. The
rally will be of great importance in light of establishing civil law,
democracy and constitutional order in Armenia.

Note, the Centre has applied to Yerevan City Hall to sanction
the upcoming rally and march but their application has been turned
down. The City Hall has proposed a strange bargain. They promised to
sanction the rally near the Matenadaran in case it is not followed
by a march. They fear lest the march will show the rebellious mood
of the crowd.