Karabakh’s Foreign Ministry Is 15 Years Old


July 23

Foreign policy has always been a priority of the Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic, NKR President Bako Sahakyan’s letter of congratulation
addressed to the NKR Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the department’s
15th anniversary reads.

"NKR international recognition, defence of the people’s interests in
international organizations, and peaceful settlement of the conflict
– these are the problems that NKR authorities are to address first,"
the presidential press office quoted the president as saying.

Sahakyan said to address these problems efficiently all Armenians
must consolidate their efforts, deeper cooperation with the Foreign
Ministry of Armenia and Diaspora must be established with a special
focus on economic cooperation issues.

Bako Sahakyan said he does not doubt the fact that NKR Foreign Ministry
has the potential to solve the problems it faces. He also emphasized
the significance of the department for the country and the people
which must motivate each of the department employee to work with
greater responsibility and professionalism. N.H.