Georgy Petrosyan: NKR Has Proved Its Right For Existence

23.07.2008 16:35

"We are living one of the most responsible periods of our age-old
history. The diplomacy of Nagorno Karabakh should fully correspond
to the priorities and challenges of the time. The Karabakh conflict
should be resolved through peace talks, on the basis of principles
which will ensure the right of the people of Nagorno Karabakh for
self-determination and security. That is the will of our people and the
position of the NKR authorities," NKR Foreign Minister Georgy Petrosyan
declared during the celebration in Stepanakert dedicated to the 15th
anniversary of formation of the NKR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the Minister, NKR conducts an independent foreign
policy, enters into relations with other states and international
organizations, official representatives of the republic participate
in international and regional conferences.

NKR is a "de facto" full-fledged state, and many officials, political
scientists, experts, international organizations of the world accept
this reality. "Today NKR has permanent representations in leading
countries and regions of the world, through which it realizes the
communication of our republic with other states. Aside from political
functions, the permanent representations support the attraction
of investments into NKR economy, establishment and expansion of
ties with Diaspora, implementation=2 0of humanitarian programs in
Nagorno Karabakh. The consular services defend the interests of NKR
citizens. The central apparatus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
the permanent representations continue the efforts in the direction
of presenting the real image of Nagorno Karabakh, a country where the
democratic values and human rights are considered the milestones of
establishment of a full-fledged state," Georgy Petrosyan declared.

"NKR people has realized its right for self-determination. Many
contemporary independent states have been formed as a result of
collapse of world powers. Nagorno Karabakh has never been under the
jurisdiction of independent Azerbaijan. Under the pressure of Josef
Stalin, Nagorno Karabakh was annexed to Azerbaijan. The proclamation
of NKR independence took place strictly in compliance with norms
of international law and acting USSR legislation. The process of
restoration of NKR’s independent statehood was launched on September 2,
1991," the Foreign Minister stated.

"With serious successes of state-building, NKR has proved its right
for existence. A number of presidential and parliamentary elections
have been conducted here, which the independent observers assessed
as corresponding to democratic standards. We are the witnesses of
civil society development.

There has not been a case when a people would refuse from independence
it enjoyed for more than 20 years. A generation has grown up, wh ich
considers itself the carrier and guarantor of this statehood. Today
we speak about the irreversible changes that took place in the mind
of our people. One of the priorities of the activity of the Ministry
of Foreign affairs is the peaceful resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh
conflict," Georgy Petrosyan stressed.

"Today more and more international structures interested in the
resolution of the conflict are inclined to the idea that the ways
of resolution of the Karabakh conflict should be searched for on the
legal-political field," Georgy Petrosyan declared.