As Of July 21, 16 People In Custody On Criminal Case Instituted On M



JU LY 23

Accusation has been brought to 139 people within the framework of the
criminal case instituted on the March 1-2 events in Yerevan. As of
July 21, 16 out of them are in custody, a signature on not leaving
the country has been used as a restraint to 7 out of them, and
4 are searched. It was mentioned in the notification sent by RA
Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepian to the NA ad hoc commission,
which was publicized at the July 22 sitting by Samvel Nikoyan, the
commission Chairman, the Secretary of the NA RPA faction.

According to the notification, criminal prosecution to 21 defendants
has been stopped. Judicial enquiry on 71 persons by 62 out of 82 cases
on 95 persons sent to court has been finished. Under 62 sentences
5 persons have been acquitted, 30 sentenced to imprisonment from 6
months to 5 years, fine has been determined to 4, the punishment has
not been suspendedly used and a probation period has been determined
to 32 persons with use of Article 70, RA Criminal Code. A milder
punishment than it is established by the law has been used to 1 out
of 30 persons sentenced to imprisonment, with use of Article 64,
RA Criminal Code.

S. Nikoyan also said that the Health Minister in response to
commission’s request provided the copies of forensic expertises of
people, who died and received bodily injuries in consequence of the
March 1-2 events, as well as provided additional information about
cases with lethal outcome, in particular, about causes of death,
character of bodily injuries on corpses.

He said that large-scale materials subject to study have been
accumulated in the commission, new applications have been received
from arrested and convicted people. Materials received from the RA
Police have been studied, as a result of which additional questions
have been sent to the Police.

S. Nikoyan also said that on July 23 the ad hoc commission members
are meeting with PACE Chairwoman Luis Maria de Puig.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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