Armenian Defense Minister Awards Graduates Of Russian Military Schoo


July 23

RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan awarded graduates of Russian
military schools and Military Academies.

Colonel Seyran Shahsuvaryan, Press Secretary of the RA Minister of
Defense, reported that forty eight Armenian students have graduated
from Russian Military Academies this year, with 15 of them with honors.

Two hundred and forty-seven students graduated from the Armenian
military schools – Vazgen Sargsyan Military School, 45 students
from the Armenak Hanferyants Aviation Institute and five from the RA
Military Academy of Land Forces.

Nineteen students graduated Armenia’s military schools with honors,
and two of them with gold medals.

Minister Ohanyan congratulated the graduates. "An officer is a heroic
profession, and out homeland and people demand heroism from us,"
he said.

"We must replenish the galaxy of our military commanders, who are
esteemed all over the world. To become skilled commanders, you
must constantly improve your relations with your subordinates,"
the Minister said.

Ohanyan pointed out that Armenia’s latest achievements are "our
victories, which must be revalued now."

"The priority standards of Armenia’s development are typical of all
the countries. Competent and well educated officers must deal with
the processes in question," Ohanyan said.

The Minister pointed out that the High Command of the RA Armed Forces
expects reforms and novelties from officers, progress in the Armed

"The Homeland the personal dignity must be the holiest things for
Armenian officers," Ohanyan said. In conclusion, the Minister awarded
diplomas and presents to the best students. P.T.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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