Armenian Army "Most Combat-Ready" In Region – Minister


ArmInfo News Agency in Russian
July 23 2008

The Armenian army is the most combat-ready army in the region, Armenian
Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan today told a news conference dedicated
to his 100 day’s in office.

The minister said that the Armenian army is improving its skills day
by day.

"We have passed a long way, and have accumulated extensive
experience. By re-evaluating and analysing this experience, we come
to the conclusion that the features of our army are characteristic
of the strongest armies of the world," Ohanyan said. He added that no
matter what kinds of upgraded weapons an army has, it is the soldiers
that fulfil tasks in the end.

"We won [the Karabakh war with Azerbaijan] thanks to the spirit of our
solders, and nowadays the balance on the frontline is maintained due
to the quality and combat spirit of the soldiers," the minister said.