Philanthropists From Moscow To Imrpove Native NK Village


DeFacto Agency
July 22 2008

July 21 has become a holiday for the pupils of a secondary school
providing general education of Nor Maraga village, Nagorno-Karabakh. 6
computers with appropriate stock were delivered to the school. The
action was sponsored by native of the village Slava Galstian, a
philanthropist from Moscow.

"This is the first idea that has become a reality for my
compatriots. We are going to create a web site for the school, where
information for those who come from Maraga living in the whole world
will be placed", Slava Galstian said. A Fund will be established in
the near future to improve the village. "We also intend to build a
Celebration House in the village. If we manage to realize all plans
the opening ceremony will be held next April 10, on Maraga Remembrance
Day. We are looking forward for NKR government’s assistance in the
issue", the philanthropist added.

To note, Nor Maraga village is currently inhabited by the dwellers of
Maraga village of Nagorno-Karabakh Martakert region, who left their
native village as a result of a war triggered off by Azerbaijan. Maraga
is still controlled by the enemy.