"Judge Is The Odd Man Out"


22 July, 2008

Today in the Kentron and Nork-Marash General Jurisdiction Court
initiated the trial of Smbat Ayvazian, Member of the political board
of the "Hanrapetutiun" Party, who has been detained since February
24. The trial began with the "ceremony" of removing from the court-room
all those who refused to stand up when the Judge entered.

Thus, the Judge asked out member of the "Hanrapetutiun" Party
Suren Abrahamian and former Speaker of the National Assembly Babken
Ararktsian. "Judge is the only odd man out," said Ararktsian before
leaving the court-room.

Still at the beginning of the trial Smbat Ayvazian declared that
he is not guilty but he is ready to stay in prison as long as it
is necessary to free the country from despots. Ayvazian is accused
under Article 232 /carrying cold steel/ and Article 316 /offering
resistance to an authority representative/. The cold steel mentioned
in the documents is the folding club, which he bought in free sale.

Presently the Judge is in the consultation room discussing the
rejection of Ayvazian’s lawyer Lusine Sahakian.