In Opinion Of Director Of Ankara Institute Of Armenian Studies, Arme



Serzh Sargsyan’s invitation to Turkish President Abdullah Gul to
watch together the Armenia-Turkey football match is connected with the
home political situation in Armenia. Omer Engin Lutem, the Director
of Ankara Institute of Armenian Studies, expressed such an opinion
in his interview to the Anadolu agency.

Lutem, touching upon "the events that happened in Armenia after
the presidential elections and outer world’s opposition to them,"
mentioned that Armenian side’s initiative will give the RA President
a possibility to "change the agenda and in case of succeeding to gain
serious points."

Speaking about Turkish side’s accepting or not accepting the RA
President’s invitation, Lutem mentioned that "Turkey’s accepting
the invitation will be purely a symbolic step or a manifestation of
good will."

"However, it is not known what Turkey will gain from political point
of view," the Institute Director emphasized.

In Omer Engin Lutem’s opinion, "Turkish public will not treat
negatively Gul’s being present at the football match," "but Armenian
public has not a common opinion in this issue. The majority of the
latter treats the invitation positively. However, the Dashnaktsutiun
party and the extreme nationalists are against the visit and are
going to organize actions of protest in case of a visit," Lutem said
at the same time adding: "In case of accepting the invitation Turkey
will gain international community’s sympathy."

In the opinion of the Director of Ankara Institute of Armenian
Studies, the Armenian side has made this proposal "after consulting
with Moscow." In his words, this step shows that Russia is also for
quick settlement of disagreements between Turkey and Armenia.

Mentioning that the opening of Turkey-Armenia border is of much
importance for Armenia, Lutem emphasized that "possibly, invitation’s
initiative will help to once more include that expectation of the
Armenian side in the agenda," "there are opinions that in case of
opening the border the considerable part of Armenian people’s economic
problems will be solved.

Such opinions are exaggerated, but long-term economic investments may
be meant," he said adding that Turkey is one of the first states to
recognize Armenia’s independence and has been undertaking one-sided
steps for a long time, the response to which, according to Lutem, is
supposed to be sustaining Turkey’s demand of many years to recognize
its borders.

"It is a very normal phenomenon when two neighboring states recognize
each other’s borders and territorial integrity," Omer Engin Lutem
stated adding: "Otherwise it will mean that your neighboring state
wishes to become the owner of your lands."

Touching upon the fact of the Armenian Genocide he said that due to
decisions made by a number of states Turkey has been "incorrectly"
turned into a "state committing a genocide" before the international
community. In Omer Engin Lutem’s opinion, both countries have a
possibility to understand each other: "To come to an agreement with
Armenia does not mean to come to an agrrement with the Diaspora,"
Lutem emphasized.

"If even we come to an agreement with Armenia, we should know and
take into consideration the circumstance that still for a long time
the Diaspora will persistently continue its campaign of discrediting
Turkey," Director of Ankara Institute of Armenian Studies Omer Engin
Lutem concluded.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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