Golden Apricot’s Expected Awards And The "Mermaid’s" Imaginary World


AZG Armenian Daily


During the seven days of the Golden Apricot film festival Yerevan
became the crossroads of cultures. French film director Cathrein
Breya presented to the Armenian public the uttermost of feminine
attractiveness and Serbian Director Goran Paskalevich remained
faithful to his motto: never to betray the principles and show real
human feelings in the films.

On July 19 took place the closure ceremony of the festival and
the distribution of the awards. The grand prix was awarded to Anna
Melikian’s "Mermaid". Alice, the hero of the film, lives on the shore
of the sea. She is able to make wishes come true. Once in Moscow
he meets a stranger, who wore a cross with the "Save and Protect"
inscription. That moment changed her life.

Two special awards went to the "Wonderful City" by Aditya Asarat
(Thailand) and the "Lemon Tree" by Eran Ricklies (Israel).

The Silver Apricot was awarded to Indian film "Laqshmeen and Me",
which tells about a woman working 12 hours a day and facing abuse
and violence all the time.

The main awards in the Armenian Panorama contest were given to Arik
Nazarian’s "The Blue Hour", Diana Mkrtchian’s "Gatha" and Mariam
Ohanian’s "Watery Novels". Turk director Huseyn Karabey’s "My Marlon
and Brando" was awarded a special prize. Special award "The Taler of
Parajanov" went to Wim Wenders, Germany, and Darioush Mehrjouee, Iran.