Tufenkian Foundation Launches New Website

July 21, 2008

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Leading Venture Philanthropy Group Launches New Website

NEW YORK-The Tufenkian Foundation, one of the leading philanthropies
working toward a just, democratic, and vibrant Armenia, has launched a
new website at
; kianfoundation.org/>.

The website offers background information on the Foundation, its
history, and its guiding principles; it also provides the latest news
from the Foundation and its partners, as well as up-to-date reports on
every project it has in active development.

"We have anywhere from 10 to 20 projects going at a time," says
Antranig Kasbarian, the Foundation’s Director of Development. "So it
can be hard to keep our friends consistently up-to-date on everything
we do and learn on the ground."

The new website is designed not just as a way to track the
Foundation’s progress, but also to give people worldwide a more robust
understanding of the challenges facing Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh.
By providing information on the goals of each project and a regular
stream of news from the region, TufenkianFoundation.org promises to
grow into a solid resource promoting awareness and prompting action.

The website also guides individuals and groups that want to contribute
to building a more vibrant Armenia, matching them to projects that
meet specific, targeted needs. The website offers information on
upcoming projects in need of sponsorship, as well as information for
individuals and organizations interested in forming strategic

"We’ve encountered many people who want to get involved with the work
we are doing," says Kasbarian. "With this in mind, we’ve created a
‘Getting Involved’ section of the website, which provides an easy and
effective way for people to dedicate their time, talents, or gifts."

The Tufenkian Foundation was launched in 1999 by entrepreneur James
Tufenkian, seeking to empower local citizens’ initiatives, assist the
most vulnerable strata of society, promote environmental protection
and awareness, and advance social justice in Armenia. Since its
inception, the Foundation has broadened its scope to embattled
Nagorno-Karabagh, where it promotes resettlement and development
projects in the region’s vulnerable border zones. Operating with a
relatively small staff and budget, the Foundation specializes in
launching pilot programs and developing them until they can either be
handed off to larger benefactors or turned over to local citizens to
continue and manage.

The Tufenkian Foundation is part of the Tufenkian family of
companies-which also includes Tufenkian Artisan Carpets, Tufenkian
Heritage Hotels and Harvest Song Preserves
()-all<http://www.Tu fenkian.com)-all> of which are
dedicated to leading their fields in both quality and in social and
environmental responsibility.

For more information on the Tufenkian Foundation, please visit
; fenkianfoundation.org/>.

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