Gas Pipeline Network Laid And Irrigation Water Supply Network Put In

21.07.2008 12:35

Works on the installation of key infrastructure components for gas
and irrigation water in two villages of Gegharkunik region are now
over, and the new infrastructure is completely operational, VivaCell,
a subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (NYSE: MBT) announced.

As a socially-responsible company, VivaCell continues on implementing
its large-scale programs having long-term positive impact on the
Armenian society, with special focus on improving the quality of life
of people living in the regions of Armenia. Based on the evaluation of
needs in the area of regional infrastructure and especially by taking
into account the deterioration of key infrastructure elements such as
irrigation and gas supply in Gegharkunik, a region that faces a lot of
complex challenges while having limited resources in the hand, VivaCell
has made a social investment in the gasification and irrigation of
two rural communities of Gegharquniq region – Lichq and Madina.

Disbak district of the village of Lichk has only five years of history,
and it was the only district lacking natural gas infrastructure. For
four years the population was waiting for the solution of the
problem. Finally, thanks to VivaCell’s AMD 8 million drams of social
investment, natural gas is now made available to 80 families of the
village20via a 1,200 meters long pipeline.

VivaCell also extended its all-reaching hand to help address the
problem of the lack of reliable irrigation infrastructure in the
village of Madina and other villages nearby. Here the company allocated
AMD 9 million for the complete renovation of a 20 km long irrigation
water supply network thanks to which the water passing through Madina
now reaches Verin Getashen and Lichk villages to irrigate 15 hectares
of productive lands.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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