Armenian And Turkish Officials Have Been Always Communicating

19:49 21/07/2008

Common sense must be adopted in normalization of Armenian-Turkish
relations, President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said at a press
conference, today. He said trends towards healthy discussions of
problems are observed in the Armenian and Turkish society.

The President said that the possible visit of the Turkish president
to Armenia may have positive impact on the discussion of the issues
which concern the two countries’ public.

As S. Sargsyan said, when the matter concerns a neighboring country,
one should not talk of the terms "but wait as much as required". He
added that healthy discussion of the existing problems is already
marked both in Turkey and Armenia. Commenting on the fact of meeting of
the Armenian and Turkish diplomats, the president said that contacts
among the officials have never stopped, and there is nothing strange
that representatives of Armenia met their Turkish counterparts in
Switzerland. He emphasized that both Armenia and Turkey will only
win having established the relations.