Turkey intent to normalize relations with Armenia `erroneous’ – Baku


Turkey’s intention to normalize relations with Armenia `erroneous’, Baku says
19.07.2008 14:18 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ `Talks between high ranking Turkish and Armenian
officials are secret for the general public, but I am sure that such
meetings are not arranged spontaneously, which means that
representatives of official Yerevan and Ankara were aware of these
talks,’ Azeri political scientist Rasim Aghayev said.

The fact is not surprising, according to him. `Political history is
full of examples of untrustworthy ally relations between the countries
in the present day world. The factor of personal benefits in building
political relations on the international arena. One example are talks
of Americans with representatives of Fascist Germany in the very end
of the World War Second, about which USSR leader Stalin was not
informed,’ Aghayev said.

‘Another case is that Turkey’s move can be assessed as erroneour. I
think, it will be reasonable for Turkey to further resist efforts of
the Armenian side not alone but in tandem with Azerbaijan and the
whole Turkic world. Unfortunately, we just see Turkey’s readiness to
hold separate talks with Armenia.’

Asked whether `after such steps by Turkey can mean that the talks of
the so-called Turkish brotherhood are unfounded?’, Aghayev said, `The
formula of Azerbaijani-Turkish relations: one people – two states, has
once been established. Yes, Azerbaijanis and Turks have likewise
languages and are close in historical roots. But Azerbaijani and
Turkish peoples are not a single nation. These are two independent and
different people with sharply differing traditions of political

Moreover, we should not forget that Turks are the empire people, while
Azerbaijan is not like that. We should also remember that there is no
place for sentiments in the politics, here the principle of personal
benefit is ruling,’ Day.az reports.