BAKU: Sceptical about Turkey establishing relations with Armenia

Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
July 19 2008

Azerbaijani political scientists are sceptical about that Turkey will
establish relations with Armenia

[ 19 Jul 2008 12:23 ]

Baku. Tamara Grigorieva `APA. `I don’t think that contacts between
Turkey and Armenia can reach a level of negotiations because usually
negotiations have concrete subject’, political scientist Rasim
Musabeyov told APA.

Commenting the secret talks between the Turkish and Armenian diplomats
in Switzerland, Musabeyov said level of representation of the sides
was not clear. `I think the press overstates the weight of this
meeting. The countries continue such contacts for almost 15
years’. Musabeyov said there was no ground for the serious progress in
the Turkish-Armenian relations today. Political scientists Rustam
Mammadov said Armenia was seeking alternative gateways to Europe
now. In his opinion triangle game between Armenia, Iran and Russia
gives no result for a long time and significance of Armenian-Turkish
factor is increasing in this plan. The expert doesn’t believe that
Turkey will establish relations with Armenia without solution of the
problem of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. He said probably the
issue was put on agenda in such a manner at the meeting. Deputy
Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, political observer and
member of the parliament Mubariz Gurbanli said it would negatively
impact on Azerbaijani-Turkish relations if Turkey began negotiations
and signed documents with Armenia. He is doubtful of any official
meeting between Armenia and Turkey. Gurbanli said he was against
establishing relations between Turkey and Armenia without solution of
Azerbaijani Nagorno Karabakh problem. The expert emphasized that
problems between Turkey and Armenia existed before the Nagorno
Karabakh conflict.