Azerbaijan makes one more irresponsible statement

Azerbaijan makes one more irresponsible statement

2008-07-18 19:26:00

ArmInfo. Azerbaijan has made one more irresponsible statement proving
that its judiciary system is politicized, the prosecutor general of
Armenia Agvan Hovsepyan said during a press-conference today.

Hovsepyan pointed out that during a meeting of the CIS Coordinating
Council of Prosecutors General in Tbilisi on July 17, the Armenian
delegation appeared with an initiative to sign an agreement for jointly
combating trafficking. The Azeri delegation led by the prosecutor
general signed the agreement but with a dissenting opinion because the
author of the initiative was the Armenian delegation.

Hovsepyan pointed out that the special opinion of the Azeri delegation
received no understanding. Hovsepyan said that during the meeting he
presented Armenia’s position on Nagorno-Karabakh.

"Azerbaijan is trying to find political implications wherever possible
and the only explanation for the strange demarche of the Azeri
delegation in Tbilisi is the political position of the prosecutor
general of Azerbaijan," Hovsepyan said.