Demanding Armen Smbatian’s Resignation


17 July, 2008

"Hima" youth movement has issued an open letter to RA Foreign Minister
Edward Nalbandian. The letter goes:

"On July 17 Levon Chakhmakhchyan, Senator of the Russian Duma and
Armenian friend of Robert Kocharyan, was sentenced to 9 years in
prison for bribery in the Russian Federation. The court proved his
guilt. In addition, all the documents, references, and certificates,
except for residence certificate, the Prosecutor’s Office declared
to be forged. Unfortunately, among the forged documents was the
positive reference letter given by the Embassy of the Republic
of Armenia to Levon Chakhmakhchian, a heavy criminal (see

Once again Russia rains blows to the Republic of Armenia, accusing
it of providing a fake reference to a criminal.

Therefore, considering the abovementioned, we, representatives
of the youth of the sovereign Republic of Armenia, voice our deep
concern about the fact and demand that Armenian Ambassador to Russia
Armen Smbatian be immediately recalled to Yerevan to elucidate the
situation. If it is proved that the statement of the RF Prosecutors’
Office is truthful, we demand the resignation of Armen Smbatian
as an individual, whose behaviour does not comply with the image
of a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and that of an Armenian
diplomat. The contrary proved, we demand that the foreign minister
of Armenia Edward Nalbandyan make a corresponding statement and send
a note of protest against the Russian Federation. In any other case
we will encourage the belief that the Republic of Armenia serves as
the stronghold of Russia in the South Caucasus."