Armenian President Addresses To Armenians On The Occasion Of 100 Day



Armenian President Serzh Sargsian addressed to the Armenians on the
occasion of the 100th day of his presidency. Presidential press service
told Armenpress that in his message the president particularly said,
"Dear compatriots, Today is the 100th day of my presidency. Hundredth
day, which is only a symbolizing occasion to sum up the carried out
work and once again register the agenda of the priorities of the
development of our state. During the passed 100 days the aim of my
activity was to refer to the expectations of hundred thousands of our
compatriots, their hopes and demands, create basis for continuing the
changes which are the direct imperatives of the further development
of our state.

What I say refers to all the spheres of activity, inner and foreign
policy, improvement of security and armed forces, activity of the
police and the judicial system, effective economic policy including
the work of tax and customs bodies. There are spheres where we have
registered results in short period of time. In the others, the results
will also be notable very soon.

I have started the implementation of my program which has been approved
by many of you and includes the solution of important and concrete
issues. The past 100 days showed that we will implement part of them
much sooner than we were expecting, for the others we need longer
time. Longer, but not longer than we have planned.

I do not say we must be patient, believe me, I am not patient too,
I want to see all our issues solved a day before – see the positive
results of fighting against injustice, indifference, corruption and
poverty. At the end of the 100 days of the presidency I want to apply
to you with request – I ask each of you to answer for yourself to
the following question – what changes have been registered in our
country during this period? Ask your friend, relative and neighbor.

Unfortunately, certain people speak with lack of trust about the
work which is being carried out today. With my successiveness I am
going to bypass their pessimism. What happens now is not – "a month
of secure traffic" or "clean hands" events. Our work will not be
limited by any "hundred days". We will make this working style our
natural norm of life.

Dear compatriots, I have always spoken with you openly and frankly and
expect the same frankness from you. Frankness, because for passing to
the implementation of greater projects and programs we need optimism.

Even for doing a small work a person must be on a right mood and we,
as a society, must have relevant mood for doing our work, must be
ready and have mood for changes, assess the development pace of our
statehood, pass the whole way of curing the public – from diagnosing
to full treatment.

Always remember that you are free citizens of independent Armenia
and today we write together a new page in our history. What will be
written depends not only on the president but on all of us. The next
page will be written by our children and grandchildren. The pages they
will leave depend on us, on the country where they live and will live.

My wish and the aim of my activity is that they live in free Armenia,
democratic, developed and strong Armenia. We will erect together
such Armenia.