Armenian Elite Should Have Single Idea To Unite Society: Prime Minis


July 18

Armenia should find the best way to form a single idea among the
representatives of society’s elite to gather the people around,
Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan believes.

"We have no such single idea today dominating in society. Instead,
we have plenty of mutually exclusive ideas leading to splits," the
premier told Armenian TV5 channel. According to Sargsyan, only those
nations who are able to unite around one single idea usually prove
to be successful.

"A good example of this is Germany. In quite a short period of time
it was not only able to reconstruct its ruined economy, but it could
turn from an aid-receiving country into an aid-rendering country in
only 20-30 years.

This happened due to the ability of the German people to unite around
a single idea guiding their leaders," the Armenian premier said.

The premier said the modern world has reached the development phase in
which spiritual values are put first, one of the priorities considered
to be the civilization dialogue.

"If we want a real boom than we must focus on the mentality of the
ruling elite in spiritual values rather than in business or management
skills," he emphasized.

Sargsyan also stressed the necessity changing the people’s mentality
which is quite a problem in Armenia now.

The premier said the speeches of the representatives of Armenian
elite are usually rich in artificial clichés from modern manuals
which means they do not quite understand the meaning of their own
statements, but use them to please the foreign influential forces
rather than the people of Armenia.

"This is a very dangerous phenomenon. Mentality enables us to
differentiate between the discussed idea and the form of running the
discussion. Unfortunately, people who are responsible for decision
making are trying to introduce bookish truths into Armenian society
which leads to grave problems," the premier said.

Sargsyan believes such ideas can be called to life only when we manage
to form the elite which would be guiding the people and would itself
be guided by these ideas.