Best Answer To Azerbaijan’s Bellicose Statements- Persistent Rise Of


DeFacto Agency
July 17 2008

"The war has not been finished yet, it continues as incidents occurring
on the borderline, as well as in economic and information sphere",
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Minister, Lt.-General Movses
Hakopian stated in Stepanakert in the course of a press conference
held on July 16.

According to the NKR Defense Minister, Karabakh Army should always
be ready for the situation’s aggravation, DE FACTO own correspondent
in Stepanakert reports. The Minister underscored that the best answer
to Azerbaijan’s bellicose statements was persistent rise of NKR Armed
Forces’ fighting efficiency.

Commenting on a military parade held in Baku on June 26, Movses
Hakopian qualified it as an attempt "to demonstrate the international
community that Azerbaijan is really ready for a war". At that the
General noted that it had also been addressed to "internal, Azerbaijani
audience, which is quite natural on the threshold of the Presidential
elections to be held here".

"As for military equipment demonstrated at the parade, we have not
seen anything new", Movses Hakopian said. In his words, Karabakh army
has necessary equipment, which enables to give a resolute rebuff to
the enemy. The Minister stated that a real condition of preserving
peace in the region was the maintenance of existing balance of forces.

In the Minister’s words, the fact that Azerbaijan hampers monitoring
of the parties’ contact line held by the OSCE mission and often
violates cease-fire is "an element of a campaign launched against
OSCE Minsk group".

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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