"No Business Affairs" Between PACE And Armenia


15:14 16/07/2008

The Commissioner for Human Rights of Council of Europe, Thomas
Hammaberg said that the Resolution N1620 adopted in the PACE session
does not mean that Armenian authorities and PACE have "business
affairs", said the Commissioner in a press conference in Yerevan.

He clarified that the provisions of the resolution are directed to
both the opposition and the authorities. "We are not intended to
interfere your inter political life. I just want to urge to protect
human rights even in some critical situations," said the Commissioner.

Mr. hammaberg said that the investigation of the March 1 murdered
people is not sufficient as it is moving in slow speed.

As for the committee’s affairs investigating March 1 events, the
Commissioner said that hopefully fair, transparent and trustworthy
investigation will be conducted. He refused to make any assessment
as the committee is still working in its structural side.