BAKU: Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry: "Armenia Has Been Arming Itself


July 16 2008

Azerbaijan has always observed regulations of the CFE Treaty and has
never violated them, said spokesman for Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister
Eldar Sabiroghlu, commenting on the statement of Armenian Foreign
Minister Edward Nalbandyan that Azerbaijan violates the CFE Treaty
regulations, which is not paid due attention by the world society.

He noted that this statement is false.

He said Azerbaijan has never violated the treaty, through by the
Treaty philosophy countries may have a weapon and technics on the
basis of its specifics. Thus, he said there should be moments,
differing Azerbaijan from France, Great Britain and Russia.

"At the same time, the difference between Azerbaijan and Armenia
is obvious. Armenia can not be compared with Azerbaijan by its
territory, population and length of borders with other states. However,
Azerbaijan, not willing to raise tensions, has once ratified the CFE
treaty. I was a deputy at that time and we have voted for it in the
Azerbaijani parliament", said spokesman for the Defense Ministry.

At the same time, he considers accusations of the Armenian Foreign
Minister addressed to Azerbaijan, understandable, as Armenian
representatives never say the truth.

"It would be naive to expect the truth from them. The Armenian Foreign
Minister, by insuring its state, accuses Azerbaijan of the alleged
violation of the CFE treaty on purpose. It is Armenia that has been
arming through years thus violating the regulations of the said treaty.

The world knows who helps Armenia arm itself. If I am not mistaken,
last year the United Nations included Armenia into the list of
the countries, arming themselves in secret. We should speak of this
fact. The world society should not be misled by such disinformation",
resumed he.