Armenian Economy Minister: Growth Of National Economy Should Be Acco


2008-07-16 18:25:00

The growth of national economy should be accompanied by increase in
salaries of population, Armenian Economy Minister Nerses Yeritsyan said
during the presentation of the "Report on national competitiveness
of Armenia". According to him, the problem should be solved by means
of increasing the productivity of the national economy. The minister
recalled that a number of countries which gained high productivity
managed to achieve a lot of advantages. First and foremost, this is
adjustment of prices with those in developed countries and transition
to a qualitatively new level of salaries. "By the first indicator,
Armenia gained certain success after liberalization of the market. As
regards salaries, we have to settle a number of problems in this sphere
", the minister noted. He stressed that the matter concerns salaries
not only in one field, but in the whole economy. "We should ensure
qualitative and symmetrical growth of productivity in all fields of
economy not to let the lack of salary growth neutralize the effect
of the implemented reforms", the minister noted.

Yeritsyan said that the given report differs from similar surveys as
it dwells on two important components of productivity. One of them
is the necessity of financing innovational developments, comparing
them with international scientific achievements. The second factor
is the largest enterprises’ role in these innovations. "Nowadays the
national economy must be science-intensive, otherwise it will turn
into a raw materials base for other countries", Yeritsyan said.

Speaking of the government’s role in settlement of the specified
problems, the minister noted: "We should work out a system of
private, state and public sectors, distinctly determine the powers and
obligations of each of them. To successfully launch such a system is
to do half of the work. It will be wonderful if we do this by the time
of discussion of the next report on competitiveness", Yeritsyan said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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