PSRC Approves Procedure And Terms Of License And Frequency Provision


2008-07-16 12:20:00

Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia approved the
procedure and terms of license and frequency provision to a third
mobile operator in Armenia Wednesday.

Head of PSRC Department for Telecommunication Gevorg Gevorgyan
said the parties interested must apply for participation in a tender
within 10 days after it is announced. The companies that will pass the
pre-qualification stage will be named within 40 days. The winner will
be declared within 90 days. The tender is to be announced on July 18
after relevant announcement in The Financial Times. In conformity with
the package of documents approved by the PSRC applicants are to pay
10,000 euros for registration. The opening offer for 15-year license is
10 million euros. The third operator must have relevant experience and
ability to invest at least 200 million in development within 2 years.

The following codes will be provided to the third operator +374 (0)
55 and +374 (0) 95. If the operator fails to use the provided codes
by at least 60% by the end of the year, the PSRC has a right to take
back the unused numbers. The third operator will be provided with GSM
frequency and an opportunity to provide 3G services including voice
and data transmission.

The frequencies will be provided within the following limits: 880-890,
925-935, 1745-1765, 1840-1860, 1910-1915, 1950-1965, 2140-2155 MHz.

For his part, PSRC Chairman Robert Nazaryan told media the entry of
a third operator in the Armenian market will stiffen the competition,
which will reduce tariffs and upgrade the quality. The third operator
will be given a right to provide Internet services as well. With
development of telecommunication technologies in future the third
operators may provide also fixed-line telephony services using its
radio frequencies. R. Nazaryan said that the Armenian market is
attractive for a big operator since both the existing operators have
1.7 million subscribers whereas the population totals 3.2 million
people. He underlined that the third operator may buy over the
subscribers if it provides high-quality and accessible services.