Over 100 People Leave Armenian Security Service


Haykakan Zhamanak
July 15 2008

It turns out that there are people among employees of the National
Security Service [NSS] of the Republic of Armenia who did not want to
be involved in actions against the people and left the entity during
the events of recent months in Armenia.

According to our sources close to the National Security Service,
the NSS has lost 142 employees since January this year: eight of
them retired, four were dismissed from the entity, and 130 left the
National Security Service voluntarily. Meanwhile, 100 out of the
130 did not conceal why they took this step, that is they refused
to carry out actions which were not part of their professional
responsibilities. Let us remind you that the NSS serves as a repression
tool for the existing regime nowadays, but in fact it has the mission
of ensuring the country’s security.