Lebanon’s New Cabinet Included Two Armenian


15.07.2008 15:11 GMT+04:00

Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman decreed formation of a national
unity cabinet, which includes two Armenians in its lineup of ministers,
Shahan Kandakharyan, editor-in-chief of Azdak Beirut-based newspaper,
told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

The unity cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Fouad Saniorai, consists
of 30 ministers from the six major sects in a nation made up of 18
religious communities. Alain Tabourian will serve as Minister of
Energy and Water, while Jean Ogassapian will serve as one of five
Ministers of State.

The cabinet was announced after Suleiman, a Maronite Christian, met
Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, a Sunni Muslim, and Parliament Speaker
Nabih Berri, a Shi’ite Muslim.

The new team also has one Hezbollah minister in addition to 10
ministers from its Shi’ite, Druze and Christian allies.