Is Gul Coming To Yerevan?


AZG Armenian Daily


Mustafa Isen, spokesman to the President of Turkey, stated that it
is too early to make any decision regarding the Armenian President’s
invitation to watch the Armenia-Turkey football match in Yerevan,
September 6. He added that the decision of the Turkish side shall
depend on the development of dialogue process with Armenia.

According to "Hurriyet" newspaper, Turkey, on a press conference Isen
told the reporters that President Gul shall make the decision depending
on the political atmosphere shortly before the day of the game.

Drawing the Rreporters’ attention to the positive aspects of the
meeting of the two presidents in Kazakhstan, Isen also said that even
small events may develop to great importance. Such development may
have very important positive consequences for the two countries.

Isen denied rumors spread in the Turkish press that President Gul has
established a council in order to make decision on the invitation of
the Armenian side.