Gevorg Danielyan Had A Meeting With Thomas Hammarberg

14:00 15/07/2008

Yesterday Gevoeg Danielyan, the minister of Justice, had a meeting
with the delegation headed by Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for
Human Rights.Lana Mshetsyan, press speaker of the minister, informed
it to

During the meeting the commissioner was interested in the use and
process of review of 225 and 300 articles in Criminal Law in Armenia,
NA`s and Judicial Ministry`s of RA temporal commission`s study of
the events, taken place in 1.2 March , in Yerevan and their reasons
as well as authorities` taken measures concerning PACE 1620.

The minister of Justice thoroughly represented the work done on
criminal law and assured that at present a bill is being prepared in
keeping with the Venice Commission`s orientation. The minister noted
that the bill will be sent to Venice Commission experts.

Both sides noted that Venice Commission gave a positive conclusion to
the first terms of the bill and the clarifying and going over the other
terms taking into consideration the motions of the commission. The
minister informed that NA`s Temporal Commission gave the answers
asked by Ministry of Justice with paper of 200 pages answering and
is ready to go on.

Also PACE 1620 first terms` realization is discussed. They agreed that
taken measures are keeping with the terms. At the end of the meeting
Thomas Hammarberg wanted to visit criminal executive institutes.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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