Ter Petrosian Complains To Hammarberg


AZG Armenian Daily

After-Election Events

First president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian had a meeting with CE
Comissioner on Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg. Ter-Petrosian’s office
informs that the Commissioner represented to Ter-Petrosian the two main
goals of his visit to Armenia, which are monitoring the independence
and impartiality of the Temporary Investigation Committee on March
1 Events and studying the issue of political arrests succeeding the
march 1 events.

The First President of Armenia stated during the meeting that the
violent oppressions of the opposition in the recent months were caused
by the illegal order of A. Mirzoyan, head of the Special Investigation
Service. According to Ter-Petrosian, Mirzoyan unleashed terror, arrests
and other illeagal measures against the opposition with his orders.