NKR FM: Independence is supreme value for the people of NKR

FM of Nagorno-Karabakh: Independence is supreme value for the people of
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and we are not going to renounce it

2008-07-14 18:03:00

ArmInfo. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has proclaimed and is building its
independence in full compliance with the international law and the
legislation of the USSR whose legal successor is the Russian
Federation, Foreign Minister of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Georgy
Petrossyan said while commenting on the recent media reports that the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict might be resolved on the basis of the
principle of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of
the borders of a state as reflected in the declaration on friendship
and strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Russia.

History cannot be turned back. The attempts of the Azeri authorities to
reanimate the artificial Stalin-time borders are making things even
worse. In the late 1980s-the early 1990s the international community
recognized the results of the independence "referendum" in Azerbaijan,
where no single resident of Nagorno-Karabakh took part, but refused to
recognize the results of a similar referendum in Nagorno-Karabakh, held
before the "referendum" in Azerbaijan.