Memoirs from Van region


[11:33 am] 14 July, 2008

On July 15th of 2008, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute will host
the congratulatory event dedicated to Sirak Sarhatian’s `My Memoirs’
book. This event will take place at 2pm in the Komitas Hall of the
Institute. The first publication of the `My Memoirs’ had been
conducted by the author himself and had taken place in Tehran, of
1942. This recent publication has materialized due to the extensive
efforts of the Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA) center.

Born in the Aikesdan region of Van, Sirak Sarhatian’s `My Memoirs’
provides us with a unique, extensive and explicate perspective on the
heroic resistance of the Armenians of Van and the human struggle for
survival during the genocidal periods of 1915-1918. Furthermore, the
book provides us with, a broad overlook on the struggles of the
survivors and a microscopic view of the specific fortunes of certain
individuals who lived through the genocide.

The second edition is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the
independence of the First Vaspouragan Armenian Republic (January 6th,