Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Launches Khashtarak School Renovation Pro


14.07.2008 12:38

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund announces the launch of Khashtarak school
renovation and refurbishment, an initiative that was on the waiting
list for priorities in Tavush region for years. The project of around
154 million AMD is jointly financed by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
Germany, Swiss, French affiliates and the Association of Armenian
Entrepreneurs in Germany "Armenischer Unternehmer Verein."

The German community had made this commitment prior to the Armenia
Fund 2007 Telethon. "Together with all other aspects of infrastructure
schools must be upgraded so that we can reduce or remove the gap
between city and village," had said Gilbert Momdjian, Chairman of the
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Affiliate of Germany at that time. "By
undertaking the Khashtarak School renovation project, the Fund
has set out to provide top-notch educational facilities in rural
communities." Gilbert Momdjian who has headed the Germany affiliate
of the Hayastan fund for over fifteen years now, says he is looking
forward to seeing a rewarding school environment for teachers and
students to teach and study in.

Currently the building is undergoing dismantling and preparatory
works for the actual renovation works to start. Within the project
the three and two-storied blocks of the school building including the
sport and conc ert halls will undergo full restoration. Construction
of a new boiler will be accompanied with the restoration of the old
one to fully meet the school heating needs. With full gasification
of the community on the way the school will be satisfactorily heated
in winter months. The area around the school will be upgraded too. A
renovated school is expected to be in place by June 2009.

The two-storied building of the school is expected to be finished
before the academic year starts in September, so that students and
teachers are able to move in until the three-storied building is
completed. Currently the school has 251 students; the renovated
building is designed to accommodate another 349. So with the whole
building in place, it will also accommodate students from Lusahovit,
located 8 kms away from Khashtarak.

Within the current project, the school will be fully refurbished
and be in the best position to conduct both required classes and
extracurricular activities.

Arthur Mardoyan, the project contractor (Ijevan born) says that
children and adults are truly excited that the community of around
1900 will have a new school in the near future.

"We should expand the practice of jointly funding projects from
different sources, as this enables us to implement large-scale
infrastructural projects," the Fund’s Acting Executive Director Ara
Vardanyan states.