EU Launches Anti-Dumping Probe Into Chinese Aluminum Foil



July 14 2008

The European Commission has decided to launch an anti-dumping probe
into imports of aluminum foil originating from China.

The commission said in the latest official journal of the European
Union (EU) that the product allegedly being dumped is aluminum foil
of a thickness of not less than 0.008 mm and not more than 0.018 mm,
not backed, not further worked than rolled, in reels of a width not
exceeding 650 mm.

Products from Armenia and Brazil were also targeted.

"The investigation will determine whether the product concerned
originating in Armenia, Brazil and China is being dumped and whether
this dumping has caused damage," the commission said.

The probe was initiated following a complaint lodged on May 28,2008
by the European Association of Metals. Upon receiving complaints,
the commission has 45 days to decide whether to launch an anti-dumping

The EU anti-dumping investigation normally takes no more than a year,
and in any case must be completed within 15 months, after which
the EU governments have the final say on whether to impose definite
anti-dumping duties for five years.

However, during the investigation period, the commission may, within
60 days to nine months, impose provisional duties, which may last
for six to nine months.