Armenia Fund Bike Ride 2008 Launched

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Armenia Fund Bike Ride 2008 Launched
Bike Ride from Monterey to LA to benefit Armenia’s children

Los Angeles, CA – Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region and Armenia Fund
-Toronto, Canada, two major affiliates of `Hayastan’ All-Armenian Fund
in the Western Hemisphere come together to announce the launch of a
recruitment process for their upcoming `Armenia Fund Bike Ride 2008′.
This special fundraising event, sponsored by the two affiliates, is a
bicycle ride from Monterey, CA to Los Angeles, CA, spanning more than
350 miles (555km) along the breathtaking California coast. The Bike Ride
will take place over a course of six days, starting October 28 and
ending November 2, 2008.

Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region and Toronto, Canadian affiliates
welcome individuals who are interested in joining the Bike Ride by
contacting the respective Los Angeles or Toronto offices. Bicycle riders
have the option of participating in the full 350 mile ride or the final
70 miles, during the last day of the event. The partial ride is suitable
for people who are unable to commit to a week, but want to help Armenia
Fund. Individuals interested in participating in the bike ride as well
as businesses interested in sponsoring the event should contact
b[email protected]. Extensive information as well as online
registration will be available on the Armenia Fund website within the
next few days.

Proceeds from the Bike Ride will benefit the construction of a school in
Spitakashen village in the Martuni region of Nagorno Karabakh. Recently,
in May 2008, the Canadian (Toronto) affiliate unveiled a new, similar
school in Verin Horatagh of Martakert, NKR. The school was named after
Baroness Caroline Cox. `Armenia Fund’s long term development goal is to
help secure the future of the next generation of Armenia – today’s
children. It is our responsibility to empower these beautiful kids – the
faces of Armenia. Let us give them the comfort of a warm, modern school
to nurture them academically and morally,’ stated Maria Mehranian,
Chairperson of Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region. `The Bike Ride will be
a special event that will help connect our supporters to the cause of
Armenian nation building, at the same time, enjoying the California
outdoors,’ added Mehranian.

Mig Migirdicyan, Chairman of the Toronto affiliate stated, `We are very
excited with this fundraising drive which is also demonstrating an
excellent example of coordination between Toronto and Western U.S.A.
chapters of the Fund. Together we can!"

Calabrina Boyajian of Toronto will volunteer her time as the Bike Ride’s
event director. She is a professional in the fitness field for the past
15 years and along with other guides will lead the team of cyclists from
Monterey to Los Angeles.

`On a personal level, the most memorable events were when I rode for 3
weeks through Wales and ran the Honolulu Marathon in support of the
Diabetes Association’, stated Calabrina. `This year we want to do
something big that will capture and interest people’s imagination, and
draw Armenians together to give more kids a brighter future. The ride
will be a challenge, but with a little determination and motivation I
really believe anyone can do it, so I strongly encourage others to join
me,’ added Calabrina.

"The Bike Ride is a bold Los Angeles/Toronto joint initiative, intended
to provide the participants one more path to contribute to the LA
Telethon, and add another dimension to its success,’ declared Ara
Boyajian, a member of Armenia Fund’s International Board of Trustees
(Hayastan All-Armenian Fund).

Presently, Calabrina is working along with the Armenia Fund’s U.S.
Western Region offices in recruiting bicycle riders, individuals and
businesses who will serve in a supporting role to the riders. `I want to
thank Calabrina and the Toronto affiliate for partnering with us on this
special event. The greater Armenia Fund family of affiliates is working
together for the purpose of helping the Homeland’, stated Sarkis
Kotanjian, Executive Director of Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region.

Armenia Fund, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation
established in 1994 to facilitate large-scale humanitarian and
infrastructure development assistance to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.
Since 1991, Armenia Fund has rendered more than $190 million in
development aid to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. Armenia Fund, Inc. is
the U.S. Western Region affiliate of `Hayastan’ All-Armenian Fund. Tax
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