Vice Speaker of NA: Political fight shouldn’t be at personal level

Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament: Political fight shouldn’t be held
at personal level

2008-07-13 17:43:00

ArmInfo. The coalition can’t be characterized the way as if all the
four political forces in it have the same position in both foreign and
domestic policy, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, member of ARF
Dashnaksutyun Party Hrayr Karapetyan told ArmInfo correspondent.

According to him, each coalitional political force conducts its own
specific policy and, certainly, takes into account the principal items
of the coalitional agreement. "In this respect, ARFD can resemble
neither oppositional political forces, nor pro-governmental ones. With
other coalitional forces we reached agreement on the issues lying in
the basis of the government’s programs and other strategic programs",
Karapetyan stressed.

Touching upon the radical opposition, he noted that today the
Pan-Armenian National Movement is radical opposition, which strives to
come to power again. "Unfortunately, this party shows no new
approaches", he said and added that PANM is trying to make use of the
discontent part of the society and return to power. Karapetyan also
pointed out that strong political forces needn’t fight against persons
to come to power, they should present specific political programs. "We
haven’t seen any such programs so far, there is only criticism against
the present authorities, and the political fight shouldn’t be held at
the personal level", he said.